This special presentation is a longer, harder version of a segment from the feature film VHYes, In theaters now. Visit for tickets. Directed by: Jack Henry Robbins Written by: Nunzio Randazzo & Jack Henry Robbins Producer: Delaney Schenker Executive Producers: Dan Berger, Aaron Katz, Tim Robbins Director of Photography: Nate Gold Production Design: Michael Coursey, Jr. Editors: Avner Shiloah & Jack Henry Robbins Music by: Eric D. Johnson Music Supervisor: Angela Asistio Cast: Farmer Bud – Cameron Simmons Mrs. Bud – Sophia Savage Stardust – Lucia Oskerova Quasar – Erika Stasiuleviciute Faro – Coral Cataldo Sheriff Cocker – Nunzio Randazzo Deputy Sheriff #1 – Jared Degado Deputy Sheriff #2 – Nikki Tilmouth Milk Lady – Apolla Asteria Farmer Rick – José Luis Córdoba Oscilloscope Laboratories