This is the story of Jay. A simple man. Featuring Jay Kyle Petersen Director: Nickolas Duarte Editor: Matthew King Director of Photography: Will Turner Producers: Frank Armendarez, Sonia Campbell, Nickolas Duarte Young Jay: Destiny Vasquez Teen Jay/Young Man: Stephanie Ingmire Male Date: Jared Craven Female Date: Dylan Page Grandma Petersen: Pat Kaye Mother/Hooded Figure: Kimberly Wolcott Father/Hooded Figure: Steve McKee Cousin/Hooded Figure: Bradford Trajan Uncle/Hooded Figure: Drew Grubich Grandpa/Hooded Figure: Mark Klugheit As themselves Jay Kyle Petersen Tish Monroe Lesley Lillywhite Irene Messina Karen Symons Judy Gatrell Nickolas Duarte Penny the dog Kool Cat the cat Pig 1st AD (interviews): Keith Wagner 1st AD (reenactments): Frank Armendarez Sound Design & Mix: Mike Clark Production Designer: Jessica Van Ravenswaay Locations: Frank Armendarez Make Up: Sonia Campbell Location Audio: Mike Clark DIT (interviews): Ben Montemayor G & E Team: Chance Roberts, Evan Colten Production Assistants: Katie Healey, Christina Evans, Stephanie Orr Dog Wrangler: Christia Abell Cat Wrangler: Randy R. Culpepper Pig Wrangler: Angel Canez Colorist: Will Turner Executive Producer: Nickolas Duarte music tracks: “Nocturnal” by Gio Galanti “Rape For Profit” by Tony Anderson “Last Ghost Town” by Triads “Nightmare” by Triads “Atlantis” by The White Birch “Track 02” Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails “Track 01” Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails “Track 34” Ghosts IV – Nine Inch Nails Nine Inch Nails tracks off the album Ghosts are provided via Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License Artwork Featured: “Guardians Sacred Heart of Jesus Soul and Guardian Angel Energies of Costa Rica Rain Forest Guardian Angel Soul Energy of Cat Sidney A Place of Angels and the Angels Wept Guardian Angel Soul Energy of Karen Symons Pain transmuted with God into a Miracle of Joy Energy of Rescued Whale Gracie Soul Painting of Sea Mammals and Marine Life Venus During Solar Eclipse I Guardian Angel Soul Energy Painting – Guardian Angel Painting of T. – Islands of the Apostles” all artwork is copyright Jay Kyle Petersen and may not be reproduced or distributed in any way. Special Thanks: Illuminate Film Festival Brittany Duarte Dan DeVivo Beth Vasquez Sherri Wakefield Sarah Hupp Richard Perez Martin Plocke Margoth Barrera Christine Davilla Yvonne Montoya Peach Tree Properties Rachel Davidson Taylor Davidson Lynn Lovejoy Charlie Prokopp Cindy Medford Suzie Q. Emmanuel Craig Westfall Martin Plocke Judy Gatrell Irene Messina Sean Mendoza Ray Ramero Randy R. Culpepper Karen Pye Dr. Christina M. Laukaitis, MD, PhD, FACP Director of Genetic Consultation and Counseling Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine University of Arizona College of Medicine Gail Martino, MA, CGC Genetics Counselor University of Arizona Pamela A. Bogan, MS, PA Urology Care, PC Tucson, Arizona Reverend Thomas D. Picton, C.Ss.R. Priest and Director Desert House of Prayer Picture Rocks, Arizona Former Congressman Ron S. Barber CD-8, CD-2 Arizona Liz Hill, Field Manager Southern Arizona, Phlebotomist Alpha Carpet Care Frank Sanchez Dr. Judith Becker, PhD. Head of Psychology University of Arizona Dr. Phillip Miller, MD Santa Clara Kaiser, California Reverend Joel T. Ireland Brooklyn, New York Dr. David W. Foerster, MD Okalahoma City, Oklahoma"