This is the HDR version of FOCUS VOL.2. Please watch it on your supporting device to get the full experience or switch to the SDR version for standard displays: FOCUS VOL.2 is a collection of honorable mentions from R&D and production (dynamic wallpapers). The project was all about pure colors, clean shapes and marbling. I tried to reduce the amount of flow additives to a minimum in order do get sharp edges and avoid shapes being washed out on canvas. Everything is a bit more natural and organic, visible imperfections, dust and splotches, no heavy grading or retouching. The look has something flat and graphic to me. I think the method isn’t complete yet, but overall some good moments in there. I don’t know if I have resources to go on with research anytime soon, that’s why I wanted to share the work in progress with you, on hold for now. This collection is a bit of everything with a moody soundscape to chill and enjoy. Music licensed via “Our Way Of Life” by Dustin Lau. _______________________________________________________________________________ This collection is available in 4K and 8K, both SDR and HDR. Request a license here: _______________________________________________________________________________ Terracollage // Experimental Fluid Art and Macro Cinematography // Stock Footage // Licensing // Production // 8K // HDR