“They had forgotten that the earth was their mother” – Black Elk wolakota (pron: woh – lah – koh – dah) means the Lakota people‚Äôs sacred way of life. It stands for peace, harmony, good relationship and respect between human beings and all forms of life. A film by Wanbli Omani and Tim Sessler. Shot on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, at Devils Tower, WY and in NYC. Featuring the voice of Jim Miller. To read more about the process: http://bit.ly/1ywaFaj _______________________________________ Director and Cinematographer: Tim Sessler || http://bit.ly/1ax9rjr Edit: J.P. Damboragian || http://bit.ly/2T0d7EN Music Bethan Kellough, Songs: ‘Vision’ and ‘Low from the album ‘Aven’ || http://bit.ly/2IoxXd1 Color: Kath Raisch at CO3 || http://bit.ly/2T66Mrs SFX: Defacto || http://bit.ly/2IoxY0z Production: Tim Sessler Gear Support: Brooklyn Aerials & Already Alive Pine Ridge Unit: Drone Camera Operator and Assistant: Ike ‘Wanbli Omani’ Miller Additional Assistant: Vic Shoulders NYC Portraits: 1st AC: Drew English // http://bit.ly/2T6A8X2 2nd AC: Stephan Hawk NYC Aerials: Helicopter and Shotover Support: Gotham Film Works Aerial DP and Operator: Tim Sessler Pilot: Steve Masi Shotover Tech: Mike Isler and Jose Montanez ________________________________________ Special thanks to Silas Hagerty, Brandon Bray and Autumn Kay Brookmire for always believing in this project and pushing it forward. All the gratitude goes out to everybody that put their time and energy into making this piece, especially the people and riders of Pine Ridge and all people that shared their wisdom with us. Ike, Jim and Alberta Miller, Vic Shoulders, Janessa Garnette, Jaylin Garnette, Jada Good Crow, Ed Star, Trevon Spotted Eagle, Alden Steele, John Yellow Boy, Travis Red Owl Jr, Janessa Quick Bear Weldon Spotted Eagle, Tyler Bull Bear, Connie Tibbits, Travis Red Owl, Marlon Iron Crow, Maria Red Owl, Bamm Brewer, Ilene Janis, Jay, Jamie and Jeffrey Shoulders and Guss Yellowhair. And last but not least thanks to everybody that made this project possible on the back-end: Bethan Kellough, Touch33, Mike Harding, Jake Oleson, Michael Marantz and Already Alive, Company3, Tabb Firchau and Freefly Systems, Jarred Land and RED as well as Kippertie.