The time difference between China and Los Angeles is 16 hours. Shot in the San Gabriel valley, 我愛你。 Featuring: Lisha Sun Corey & FSE Boys Jackie Zhou Laura Cha Liu Yi K.O. Minty Boi Terry Xu Yuchen He Michaela and Sharon Yuchi Huang Director: Christine Yuan Producer: Christopher Heinrich Creative Producer: Lana Larkin Director of Photography: Benjamin Whatley Editor: Olaf Woldan 1st AC: James Nagel Sound Recorder: Brendan Johnson Swing: Jonathan Maulino Grip: Dave Wilwayco Assistant Editor: Sofia Dieck Post Supervisor: Brandon Cotter Titles: Forrest Grenfell & Allen Chiu Color: Joseph D’Aleo Subtitles: Yingtong Wu & Tristan Hsu