The story of Yung Lenox: Rap’s most prolific (7-year-old) portraitist. Described by LA Weekly as the ‘Foremost Doodler of Rap’, this hilariously endearing film follows Seattle’s 7-year-old rap portraitist, Yung Lenox, and his Dad, Skip – an unconventional artistic duo simultaneously navigating the tumultuous worlds of rap and modern-day-parenting. Through Lenox’s eyes, ears and encounters with rappers such as Kool Keith and Cam’ron, the film presents an innocent entry point into the idolized and often explicit world of hip hop. It reconsiders the age-old parental advisory debate and the realities of a kid growing up in an adult world. As Skip confronts criticism about his intentions and parenting, Lenox remains unfazed. In his world, art is ‘medium important’ compared to school, Lego’s and Minecraft. And that’s why the kid is everyone’s favorite artist. Directed by Stacey Lee & Anthony Mathile DP: Jacob Rosen Producer: Stacey Lee Associate Producers: Corbett Jones, Anna Rau, Jacob Rosen, Marina Cukeric Additional Camera: Frank Mobilio Editor: Anthony Mathile, Matthew Charof Supervising Editor: Joe Peeler Music Composition: Aaron Stein-Chester Audio Post Production: One Thousand Birds Sound Editing / Mixing: Andrew Tracy, Calvin Hunting Pia Colorist: Matt Conrad Stills Photography: Brook Fetch, Jordan Nicholson, Skip Class Title Design: Nicci Martinez, Hannah Souter Poster Design: Jon Santos Special Thanks: Carmody Brothers, Spencer Breen, Erik Perry, British Young, Lee Gibson, Karie Higgins, Andrew Gurguis, From the Range Films Starring: Yung Lenox, Skip Buringrad, Megan Bingham, Cam’ron & Kool Keith