The Skin I’m In is a mixed media art project that uses film, photography and interview to explore the complex relationship between identity and physical appearance. The project aims to further the conversation about identity and acceptance, while exploring the delicate relationship between physical appearance and self perception. The Skin I’m Im is a unique collaboration between filmmaker Adrian Vieni, photographer Anthony Tuccito, hairstylist Trevor Odho and visual artists Dina Roudman & Nicole Charles. The project marries these artists unique styles and mediums to create an immersive art installation that extends beyond a gallery show or webpage. The film is part of a larger gallery presentation that also features large format portrait photography and a print component – a zine that combines more photography and graphic design with long-format interviews with each subject. Director: Adrian Vieni DP: Evan Ciniello Edit: Laura Mcmillan Music & Sound: Jason Couse Still Photography: Anthony Tuccito Hair: Trevor Odho Interviews: Nicole Charles Produced by Dina Roudman and Adrian Vieni Creative Direction: Nicole Charles, Trevor Odho, Dina Roudman, Anthony Tuccito, Adrian Vieni Thank you to FREE, The Creator Class, Dhani Oks, The Gun Factory, Kodak, Ontario Camera, Colorlab, and to all those who donated their time to help make this happen.