The Making of Panthera is a character-driven documentary short about 25-year-old Brooklyn-based drag queen Panthera Lush, whose awe-inspiring creations are the product of hundreds of painstaking hours spent at the sewing machine. With her inventive, couture-worthy looks, Panthera elevates drag to the status of fine art. Weaving cinéma vérité and choreographed drama, this documentary short invites you to gallivant around Panthera’s Brooklyn — in her dressing room, backstage, and at a 2 a.m. diner run with friends. Somewhere along the way, we learn just what it is about drag that has captivated today’s culture. CREDITS: Directors | Renee Mao & Savannah O’Leary Producer | Kieran Altmann Cinematographer | Shannon Palmer Editor | Savannah O’Leary Featuring | Panthera Lush Also Featuring: Crystal Mesh Magenta Jay Kay West Dakota Esther Kuby Blvck Laé D. Production Design | Violet Overn Composers | Dylan Nowik, Matt Parad & Annika Zee Sound Design & Mix | Hunter Berk Colorist | Kath Raisch @ Company 3 Title Design | Ugly Wolf Title Animation | Ericka Ubasa Motion Graphics | Phillip Gladkov