THE LIONS OF CHINATOWN follows a young woman as she trains to become the lion head, a traditionally male dominated role in the forgotten art of Chinese lion dancing. Sara is ending a 5 year trial and hopes to become an official member of Hung Ching, The Chinese Freemasons, New York City Chinatown’s most notorious lion dance crew since 1956. Featuring Sara Lai and the CFMAC Lion Dance Crew Directed by Law Producer: Jon Hsu Cinematographers: Law Chen + Tinx Chan Hair/Makeup by Angel Yu Editors: Law Chen + Jeff Reagan Archival Footage: Gunther Koo Color & Sound: Law Chen Music: Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow “Out” The Blaze “Sparks & Ashes” Special Thanks: Victor Fong Karlin Chan CFMAC Gunther Koo