‘The Last Line’ follows an actress as she enters an audition where she is forced to face a harsh reality of the industry. She starts out delivering a confident performance, only to be gradually beaten down, arriving at a place vulnerable to emotional manipulation that takes place at the hand of the director, all in the name of ‘art’. She is confronted by the questions of what is indispensable for art and an excellent performance, where the line is drawn between real life and performance and ultimately how much of herself she is willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of her dream. CREDITS: Bella: Francesca Reale The Director: Alex Hurt Jesse: Chris Cafero Reader: Sara Kubida Written, Directed & Edited by Renee Mao Cinematography by Brandon Roots 1st AC: Jonathan Arturo Gaffer: Ahad Mahmood Line Producer: Savannah O’Leary Assistant Director: Zach Nutman Production Sound Mixer: Sean Kiely Sound Design & Mix: Hunter Berk Colorist: Brandon Roots