The fruit of a broken heart and endless binging on Italian romantic comedies, “Paroles d’Amour” (French for words of love) is the very first collaboration between Chiara Luber and Passion Paris. The film, which was directed in full 2D, recounts the romantic setbacks of a carefree, naive and fickle young heroine. A series of soft, muted images illustrate the words of our disillusioned heroine, Mina, enwrapping them with a subtle mix of comfort and tears. CREDITS Title : Paroles d’Amour Director : Chiara Luber Production : Marc Bodin-Joyeux and Marion Vermogen @ Passion Paris Production Artist : Mina Gianni Ferio, Leo Chiosso, Giancarlo del Re © Edizioni Curci SRL / Music Union SRL Avec l’autorisation de Curci France ℗ 2001 Warner Music Italia Avec l’aimable autorisation de Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company CONTACTS PR Chiara Luber :