The elements air, fire, water, and earth exemplify aspects of nature, and represent facets of the human experiences of inspiration, creation, reflection, and grounding. These components can be a guide to our experiences of life, and are deeply connected to skiing and mountain biking. ELEMENTAL is presented by Atomic, and The North Face, supported by Giant Bicycles, and Smith. It is directed and produced by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and his first solo project of this scale. Featuring skiing from: Lucas Wachs, Mitchell Brower, and Jonah Williams. featuring biking from: Adam Craig, with cameos from Eliot Jackson, Kyle Jameson, Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, and Dusty Wygle. Music: ‘Three Portraits’ performed by Yppah from the album Eighty One courtesy of Ninja Tune ‘Chifundo’ by The W.I.T.C.H. from the album Lazy Bones courtesy of Now Again Records ‘Roses Thorn’ Performed by TOKiMONSTA form the album lune Rouge courtesy of Young Art Records ‘Assawt’ Performed by Tinariwen From the album Elwan Courtesy of ANTI- Principal cinematography: Jonathon Chandler (think you already fixed this one) Additional cinematography provided by: Metis Creative : John Reynolds Cameron Baird John Asuncion Teton Gravity Research: Matt Herriger Ben Dann Dutch Simpson Tim Manning and: Jacob Callaghan Pete Alport Tim Durtschi Dane Tudor Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Jasper Newton Still Photography: Jonathon Chandler Cameron Baird Chris Bezmat Jules Jimreivat Trail builders Bros & Hoes landscaping Henry Lanman Oregon Dirt Park -Black Sage Graphic design Maja Keefer Color Bryan Ralf Creative consultant Annie Cattabriga-Alosa