Territory can be claimed in many different ways, be it borders or walls. In summer, however, it’s towels. —————————————————– “Designed and written during the tense political climate of 2017, with the beginning of Brexit and Trump’s inauguration, this short was a way to express my inner frustrations and reflections at the time. However, it is interesting that there may be some parallels to our current situation in 2020. I hope this short can be 4 minutes of fun and escapism for anyone who watches it, no matter where they may be or whatever they may be going through.” – Prawta A. ———————————————————————— Awards: Royal Television Society Student Television Awards 2019, UK – South West Animation Awards Winner for Best Undergraduate Animation and Best Sound Design Nominations: British Animation Awards, 2018-2020, UK – Nominated for Best Undergraduate Animation Royal Television Society Student Television Awards 2019, UK – Best Undergraduate Animation Official Selection: LA Femme International Film Festival 2019, USA – Official Finalist for Animations Shorts Animadeba 2019, Spain NAHEMI Eat Our Shorts 2019, UK Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 2019, Ukraine Director: Prawta Annez Producer: Camilla Kjaernet Lead Animator: Majua Carvajal Fight scene original music: Barnaby Fryer Radio music: Like You and I – Magnius Ringblom, Golden Age Radio Sound mix: Sam Carson, Amid Ojubanire, Prawta Annez Production Support: Falmouth University School of Film and Television Thank you to the crew, our friends and family, and Falmouth University. Prawta Annez © 2018 – 2020