Tāura is a polynesian legend. Tāura are animals, plants and minerals that are “allied” with humans, families, clans. They are considered fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. The relationship with them is fraternal and respectful. The last long shot was certainely one of the dive I’ve ever done. I was so grateful to spend so much time with the mother and her baby. I choosed this letterbox cause it has a “vintage” look and it reminds me some really good memories. It also has the aspect (like a POV) of what I see with my mask during the dive. All was shot in Polynesia in november 2019. Thank’s again to Julien Marchal for his song : “Insight XX" Music by Julien Marchal (taken from the album “INSIGHT II") Julien Marchal (SACEM/France) With the arrangement of Visions from The Roof Download INSIGHT: http://bit.ly/1ZFr3hc https://bit.ly/2TkEDMu https://bit.ly/2LDXuOe https://twitter.com/julienmarchal https://bit.ly/2LHg9IM Licensing Info: info@visionsfromtheroof.com You can see some pictures of the trip on my instagram https://bit.ly/2Nyc3mR shot with a sony A7sii Thank’s also to the fabulous team of the Raie Manta Club : Yves, Franck, Maco and Christian