Take a whirlwind tour through the beautiful city of Leiden with this timelapse/hyperlapse film! With its canals, churches and cobblestone streets, and with its windmills, old keep and its botanical garden, Leiden is one of the nicest cities of the Netherlands. Exploring it with a camera never stops being an amazing pastime. Want to see more of my work? Follow me on Facebook.com/arnewossinktimelapse The film was shot from 2017 to 2019 and consists of some 17000 photos. The total recorded time for all timelapses combined is 35,5 hours. The longest timelapse lasted almost 7 hours. Equipment used: * Cameras: Canon 700D, 70D * Lenses: 10-22mm, 17-70mm, 70-300mm * Motion control: Dynamix Perception Stage 0 / Sapphire Pro * Intervalometer: Timelapse+ View * Software: Adobe Lightroom, LRTimelapse, Adobe After Effects Video fragment for De Drie Octoberdag taken from http://bit.ly/33nonNv, Polygoon-Profilti, PD. Sounds from Freesound.org as follows: wind1.wav, Anton, CC BY; bells.ringing_church_close.mp3, dobroide, CC BY; fireworks.wav, dobroide, CC BY; alarmclockbeeps.aif, tedthetrumpet, CC0; Nightingale song 3.wav, reinsamba, CC BY; RomeStreet.mp3, jasinski, CC0; crowd terrasse.wav, JFBSAUVE, CC BY; 20060824.forest03.wav, dobroide, CC BY; Door Creak Short.mp3, Percy Duke, CC BY; urban morning noise.mp3, Charel Sytze, CC BY; Cityscape01.wav, LG, CC BY; BirdSongEaster2002NL.wav, HerbertBoland, CC BY; citystreet3.wav, sagetyrtle, CC0; Cathedral Church Sound Effects – 03 .mp3, icmusic, CC BY; City Traffic 2.wav, inchadney, CC BY; Switch.wav, RutgerMuller, CC0; gate_1.wav, jaava73, CC0; 8mmprojector_start-run-stop_18fps.wav, nemoDaedalus, CC BY; Swishes.wav, Pogotron, Sampling+; whip03.wav, snowflakes, CC0; fairground ambience 1.mp3, vedas, CC BY; Swoosh 5.wav, Benboncan, CC BY; SCB005_Rollercoaster.wav, tec_studio, CC0; Flock of seagulls.wav, juskiddink, CC BY; Grandfather clock.wav, Ryding, CC0; fast simple chop 5.aif, dave.des, CC0; down town street ambience 01.wav, klankbeeld, CC BY;, a busy road background.wav, cameronmusic, CC BY; seagulls, Eelke, CC BY; 120731_Venice_AT_SanMarcoCollonade_F_4824.wav, blaukreuz, CC0; accordion street recording 01.wav, klankbeeld, CC BY; traffic horns city nervous busy.wav, klankbeeld, CC BY; Festival Inner.wav, Tessa_Elieff, CC BY; Bamboo Whip Sound Effect, UnderlinedDesigns, CC0; motorcycles, ondrosik, CC BY; just birds.wav, Littlebrojay, CC0; Analog Alarm Clock, bone666138, CC BY; Mechanical Street Organ – The Hague, RTB45, CC BY; high park crickets.3.wav, john9, CC BY; alarm clock short.wav, ZyryTSounds, CC0; yawning, Danieka, CC0; Urban Backyard, stomachache, CC0; Museum Ambience.wav, Toybox, CC BY; Woosh, lebaston100, CC BY; swoosh38.wav, kwahmah_02, CC BY; Applause 2.WAV, Sandermotions, CC0; Ambiance Food Market.wav, VincePest11, CC BY Noncommercial; Bicycle_Bell.wav, nikiforov5000, CC0; Door, Church, Close, E.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Carillon spring calm city 150407_0588.wav, klankbeeld, CC BY; Church-bell 8pm village140804_01.WAV, klankbeeld, CC BY; Spring Birds Loop with Low-Cut (New Jersey), hargissssound, CC0; Footsteps Dirt Gravel, revolt2563, CC0; FastRunning.mp3, Topschool, CC0; Swoosh Swish.wav, Mrthenoronha, CC0; Wind, Synthesized, A.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Bike rear wheel spinning, laspaziale, CC BY; Rotterdam Station Soundspeaker message, Eelke, CC BY; Rooster, Crowing, A.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Bamboo Swing, A7.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Whoosh, Locky_bee, CC0; Dramatic Organ, B.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Sword Swing B – Strong 02.wav, Glaneur de sons, CC BY; Sword Swing B – Medium 07.wav, Glaneur de sons, CC BY; Sword Swing B – Soft 05.wav, Glaneur de sons, CC BY; shhhh.mp3, yacinknn, CC0; Swinging staff whoosh (low) 04.wav, Nightflame, CC BY; Swinging staff whoosh (strong) 07.wav, Nightflame, CC BY; Swinging staff whoosh (strong) 06.wav, Nightflame, CC BY; Swinging staff whoosh (strong) 10.wav, Nightflame, CC BY; Whoosh #1, Kinoton, CC0; Running, Juandamb, CC0; Rooster Calling, Close, A.wav, InspectorJ, CC BY; Shake, qubodup, CC0