Synopsis: Kachalka takes you into the heart of what is widely considered ‘the world’s most hardcore gym’, Kyiv’s enormous open-air Kachalka gym. Join the gym’s caretaker as he takes us through the enormous scrap-metal site, allowing us a glimpse into the unique community and ingenuity from which it was created. From the director (03/03/22): Kachalka was made in Kyiv a couple of summers ago, in a moment in time which seems a far cry away from the tragedy which is currently taking place. Although this film shows a very different reality to what we are currently seeing in Kyiv and around the rest of Ukraine, I hope this short film helps to shine a light on the Ukrainian spirit and what makes it truly unique. The intention behind this film was to capture the incredible sense of community and ingenuity that exists at the heart of this Kyiv gym and I think this is something which speaks to the stories we are hearing from Ukraine in this present time. If you are able to donate and support those who badly need assistance during this time, Ukraine Red Cross are doing incredible on the ground work – please donate if you can; Ukraine Red Cross – Kachalka was funded through Screen Ireland and produced by Venom Films. Our local fixer/translator in Kyiv for this project was Serg Solodko, if you are looking for an experienced on the ground fixer in Ukraine this is his email – / his Instagram @ssolodko Director – Gar O’Rourke Producer – Ken Wardrop Executive Producer – Andrew Freedman Cinematographer – Colm Hogan Steadicam – Roman Bugovski Editor – John O’Connor Soundtrack – Richie Egan (Jape) Post Production – Windmill Lane