Sushi is an ancient craft that has long excluded women — partly because of their periods. Oona Tempest has dedicated her life to sushi, and she’s smashing industry stigma as the head chef of her own restaurant in New York City’s culinary epicenter. One Woman is a video series presented by THINX and Harper’s BAZAAR that celebrates the endurance and adaptability of women around the world. –––––––––– Production Company: Video Horse Director: Matthew James Reilly Producer: Jackson Segars Cinematographer: Conor Murphy Camera Assistant: Christina Leitzell Sound Mixer: Andrew Yip Sound Designer: Patrick Burgess Color By: Irving Harvey Colorist: Matthew Greenberg THINX Creative Team: Art Director & Producer: Anna Mackenzie Content Director & Producer: Maeve Roughton Graphic Designer: Douglass Escalante Special Thanks: Sushi by Bae Sushi by Bou Jue Lan Club –––––––––– For more information on Oona Tempest visit: