Skate with your friends. Talk to your friends. Most of all, tell them you love them. Thank you for always being yourself, Ben. We miss you. “Lifelong friends are the greatest treasures a person can find in life. The true ones know more about you than your parents and siblings, yet rarely disapprove. I have met my best friends through skateboarding and plan to take those friendships with me to the grave. From my uncomfortable teenage years where I wanted to fit in, to the later years where I knew I didn’t, my skate pals were always there for me. If you slam, they help you up, if you pull something rad, they scream the loudest and when you’re bailing something needlessly they tell you to “Do It”. But all relationships take work, so next time you get pissed at a buddy because they can’t skate or the have to work, put it in perspective. Every time you say “Later”, it could be forever. Savor every moment as if it were your last.” – Jake Phelps