Shot on location in West Africa, ‘Streets of Lagos’ provides a rare insight into the lives of Nigeria’s first generation of rollerbladers. What was once a niche sport that saw widespread participation across the globe in the late 90’s has emerged in 2020 as a fringe subculture in the streets of Lagos. Originally used as a way to navigate the city’s dense traffic, today, a select few use their skates as a form of self-expression, something which can be hard to find in one of the toughest cities in the world. The story is told through the eyes of Daniel Ogbogu, Lagos’ strongest up-and-coming street skater, who gives insight into the struggles of daily life in Nigeria and the strength that skating gives him. He is joined by travelling professional athlete, Brian Freeman, who seeks to nurture the sense of community he sees in these talented youths and to help them find sense in the chaotic world in which they live. — A Film by | Dom West Starring | Daniel Ogbogu & Brian Freeman Soundtrack | Rob Law & Music Bed Shot on location | Lagos, Nigeria Run time | 12 Minutes — Special thanks to: The Ogbogu Family Shinobi Blade Clan Caleb Smith — Proudly supported by: BFree Blading Vibralux Skate Goods THEM Skates Locoskates Flying Eagle Barbary Coast SF Decathlon Eulogy Wheels Intuition Skateshop Bayside Blades Skater HQ Hedonskate Oysi