Shot on 35mm Motion Picture Film, for ‘Lost My Faith’ is about family and the struggle for generations. As a solemn group of relatives congregate, their collective hardship, oppression and injustice are experienced vicariously through their spiritual young nephew, a boy figuring out his place in the world. Within family trees, viewpoints, traumas and complexes are passed down. To find our faith again, the video for ‘Lost My Faith’ asks, should we turn to or from our family? Olan Collardy’s 35mm cinematography brings texture to a story and frames an ambiguous timeline, with Olu Ebiti’s styling and Anna Baldini’s production design blending past and present. Arri 435 + Cooke Panchros on 500T and 250D Director: Dumas Haddad Producer: Adeleke O “Adelight Director of Photography: Olan Collardy Production Company: Cream Soda Productions & ByUsGroup Films 1st AC: Gary Long 2nd AC: Milo Brown Gaffer: Vini Curtis Art Director: Ana Baldini Wardrobe: Ola Ebiti Hair: Virginie Moreira Make-up: Matalabs Colourist: Alex Gregory Grade House: The Mill Lead Cast: Tahj Miles & Tanaya Clarke Cast: Nana, Kelly Puppon, David Olupaju, Florence Coles, Peaces, Greg Mungo, Alesha Charmaine, Daniel Annoh, Deji Loaf Record Company: Virgin EMI Records