Remember being young and blissfully ignorant? Remember how much easier it was to be happy when you cared less? The theme of the song “we don’t have to know” embodies this carefree spirit and living freely attitude. So, the idea of the video was to tap into that special camaraderie only childhood friends have and capture that youthful feeling of living on a high, not giving a fuck and going at life one skate trick at a time. Featured on Booooooom, Directors Library and Film Shortage. Credits: Starring: Ben @benyeezee Roach @roachyofficial Dre @imforeignn Miles @1kmiles_ Dan @dapperboydan Kumar @lil_foreign_savage Steph @stephanie.wise Director: Ben Dean @dissc0 Producer: Todd Blumberg @toddybeez Rafael Thomaseto @thomaseto DP: Ben Goodman @bengoodman_dp Editor: Jordan Orme @jordan_orme Wardrobe Stylist: Chloe & Chenelle Delgadillo @chloeandchenelle Sound Design / Mix: Jack Goodman @jackgoodmansound Color: Houmam @@hhoumam 1st AC: Travis Waddell @traviswaddell PA: Talon Hadfield @talonsbackyardbread Shot on @kodak_shootfilm Music by: @keliholiday