Räuber & Gendarm by Florian Maubach 8:16 Min., 2D, 2017 „Playing Cops and Robbers on the old playground. Why am I still doing this? “ While playing Cops and Robbers with his friends, Daniel begins to realize that between catching and being caught there is something more going on. He is confronted with situations he does not really know how to handle. Director / Animation: Florian Maubach Animationassistence: Alma Weber Coloration: Fiona Dietz, Áron Farkas, Helena Hegele, Juan Yang Sounddesign: Jonatan Schwenk Voices: Alexander Czerner; Luka Schlage, Yamon Pannenborg, Ioannis Madaus, Daniel Maaß funded by: Hessenfilm und Medien GmbH, Kunsthochschule Kassel http://bit.ly/2PRUGwE http://bit.ly/2V5LvML http://bit.ly/2PRUGNa http://bit.ly/2UXnuHT Awards: German Short Film Award – Best Animation Short Interfilm Berlin – 3rd Prize Anima Bruxelles – Best Student Short First Step Award – Nomination Best Short Film up to 30 Min. Cut Out Fest – Best Student Short Festivals (Selection): ITFS – Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart GLAS Animationfestival ANIMA MUNDI Ottawa International Animation Festival Interfilm Dok Leipzig Primanima Animateka ANIMA Bruxelles Filmfest Dresden Pictoplasma ANIFILM Fest Anca Turku Animated Film Festival Mo & Friese Kinderkurzfilmfestival Fantoche Manchester Animation Festival Northwest Animation Festival Animatou Cinanima Ars Independent Festival Insomnia International Animation Film Festival Anim’est ReAnima Pöff Shorts Festival of Animation Berlin Cutout Fest