PREMIERING ON DIRECTOR’S NOTES: The future catches up with the past when two young physicists have a scientific breakthrough one night in a pub, trapping all the patrons of the pub in what seems to be a fatal time spiral. “Chronos” is a single take short film, shot on 16mm film on location in London. CAST: James Percy Smith, Ben Norris, Jenet Le Lacheur, Hope Lloyd, Katharine Ingle, Kellie Shirley, Graham Hornsby, Audrey Schoellhammer, Tracy Bargate, Nisha Nayar, Daniel Godward, Bill Best, Tony Richardson, Rod Jenkins, Hector Hewer, Max Turner, Marcus Edwards-Laing, Alicia Pope Written and directed by: André Chocron Producers: Andrea Ottmar, Luke Tierney, Harvey Ascott DoP: James Rhodes Production design: Cassia Dickinson, Sam Waters, Benedict Lack Costume design: Grace Snell Sound design: Odin Eggen Brække Composer: Ginge FROKOST // FRIEND