Populous feat. M¥SS KETA & Kenjii – HOUSE OF KETA official music video. * Premiere on KALTBLUT Magazine https://bit.ly/3dWnVdy * The main concept behind HOK is a Voguing choreography. This short was made during the Covid-19 lockdown phase in Italy, where shooting professional footage was just impossible. Thankfully, all the artists involved managed to record lo-fi videos on their smartphones, which I’ve used as the starting point for the animation. The quality of the videos was quite poor and most details got lost. This turned into a great opportunity as it forced me to create something from scratch, instead of just tracing the performers’ movements or traits. I wanted to design something wild and beautiful as the people involved in this project. So, when everything around us was getting darker and darker I focused only on all the wild and beautiful things I’ve encountered in my lifetime and I injected some of them into this music video. * Directed by: Emanuele Kabu Starring: M¥SS KETA – https://bit.ly/2NWAif3 GORGEOUS KENJII GUCCI – https://bit.ly/2C13I9r POPULOUS – https://bit.ly/2Zzbuzg PROTOPAPA – https://bit.ly/3dOhxVS KOBRAMULATO – https://bit.ly/31BckOJ LA TRAPE – https://bit.ly/3eWfsbQ * The Italian ballroom scene is vibrant and Milan is under the international spotlight. For his single “House of Keta”, Italian DJ and producer Populous (aka Andrea Mangia) invited Italian icon, M¥SS KETA, and the pioneer mother of Italian voguing, Gorgeous Kenjii Gucci, to create a ballroom anthem. Fashion, shady references and bold runways are the ingredients of this beat that you can’t refuse to dance to. The day after Milano Pride 2019, the concept of HOK was conceived by DJ and creative director Protopapa, along with Motel Forlanini (M¥SS KETA’s clique) and the producers Riva and Populous. This journey was supported by the help of Gorgeous Kenjii Gucci, an outstanding performer, dancer and choreographer who also acts in the song’s bridge. * Stream Populous’ album “W” here: https://bit.ly/2D511nL * ‘W’ released on Wonderwheel Recordings and La Tempesta International May 22nd 2020. https://bit.ly/2qyNso5 https://bit.ly/3dVH1jW M¥SS KETA appears courtesy of Universal Music Italy. * Thanks for the help: Illy, Laura, Eva, Silvia, Eliana, Demis, il Merlo, Francesco, Mauro, Marcello and many, many more that I won’t mention but you should know who you are. Can’t wait to see you all ❤️ * ITALY 2020 W