Please watch full screen and in the dark! Thank you. ************* THE EVENT 2022/narrative/11min. It’s 2 AM, and Vince just wants to know why. Directed and edited by Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa Written by Hugo De Sousa Starring Hugo De Sousa, Frank Mosley, and Jennifer Kim Produced by Chelsea Bo and Sean Drummond Cinematography by Kenneth Wales SCREENINGS: -2022 Slamdance Film Festival (World Premiere) -2022 Santa Barbara International Film Festival -2022 FilmFort Festival -2022 Oxford Film Festival -2022 Sun Valley Film Festival -2022 Ashland Independent Film Festival -2022 Florida Film Festival -2022 Mammoth Lakes Film Festival -2022 Rooftop Films, NYC -2022 Palm Springs ShortFest -2022 HollyShorts Film Festival -2022 Sidewalk Film Festival -2022 Skyline Indie Film Fest -2022 Fantastic Fest -2022 Eastern Oregon Film Festival -2022 Dallas International Film Festival PRESS: “With the filmmakers’ abilities to manipulate light, understand human emotion, and ultimately capture the essence of life itself, their short film should take the world by storm. The Event is a breathtakingly unique trip through the human psyche, and we can all learn a lesson or two from what the film has to say.” -Kyle Bain, Film Threat “Bound to take the festival world by storm… the film accompanies its laughs with sharp observations. “The Event” itself proves irresistible as the pair behind the camera, along with cinematographer Kenneth Wales, involve elegant chiaroscuro lighting for this most uncomfortable conversation, and the more ridiculous the situation gets, the more authentic it feels.” -Stephen Saito, The Moveable Fest “Are we afraid of telling our friends the absolute truth? The Event confronts those feelings in a refreshing, honest, and touching way that I did not expect. Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa are great together.”   -Joey Moser, Awards Daily *Listed Top 25 Shorts of 2022 HollyShorts Film Festival  “It’s a deceptively simple comedic premise, seemingly targeted at a narrow audience of frustrated indie filmmakers who feel Vince’s pain. Yet Vince and Jack’s ensuing argument also ends up probing universal themes of friendship that everyone can relate to.”   -Sean O’Neal, Texas Monthly *Listed Top Texan Performances at Fantastic Fest- Frank Mosley “De Sousa’s hilariously earnest performance and flawless sense of timing, turns every line of the clever dialogue into comedy gold. Mosley, as the exasperated friend, gets his biggest laughs from what he doesn’t say, making each defensive and befuddled facial expression speak volumes.” -Patrick Gibbs, SLUG Mag “The Event has a silly sweetness that stems largely from the real-life chemistry of de Sousa and Mosley. There’s a comfortable familiarity to their friendship on screen which makes the difficult conversations that fuel this short truly delightful. An additionally delightful performance by Jennifer Kim as Jack’s girlfriend Beatrice adds a feminine touch to the film – and a few really great laughs.” -Miranda Riddle, Horror Buzz