Please visit to make a donation to support the film and ongoing impact efforts. This film documents the journey of Barbie Carter (aka: Gangster Granni) as she comes to terms with her identity and navigates the road ahead after living on the streets of Skid Row for the past 10 years. The film illuminates the intimate humanity behind homelessness in an effort to replace judgement with empathy and demystify the homeless and housing crisis experienced across the US. Join us in our effort to support Granni and others in her situation by visiting the website. Director – Lindsey Hagen DP/Editor – Chris Naum Executive Producer – Dan Riordan, Dana Saint & Lindsey Hagen Head of Production – Aaron Schurman Producer/Photographer – Lauren Todd Story Producer – Amelia Rayno Art Department – Christian Carvallo Sound – Darren Bell & Tracy Townsend Title Design – Jordan Ingram Score/Mix – Jared Blizzard Color – Jensen Vinca Poster Art – Caitlin McCann Special Thanks: ¬† Los Angeles Times Short Docs – Nani Walker & Leslie Lindsey Barbie Carter Rene Hunter √Čvangeline Cromwell Pastor Blue Urban Saddles Beacon House Thrift Vault Rentals