Photographer Mike Blabac dives into process, history and the meaning of a life in skateboarding as he captures portraits for his latest book. Featuring: Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, J. Grant Brittain, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Jason Dill, Chico Brenes, Wes Kramer, Karl Watson, Jim Thiebaud & Frank Gerwer. Director – Jacob Rosenberg Cinematographer – Guillermo Garza Editor – Chris Amos First Assistant Camera – Tony Oberstar Featured Family Members – J. Grant Brittain, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Karl Watson, Jim Thiebaud, Jason Dill, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Frank Gerwer, Chico Brenes, Wes Kramer, Noah Blabac, Tai Blabac. Producers – Joe Toronto, Ari Weiner Executive Producer – Adam Warren Associate Executive Producer – Michel Murciano Associate Producer – Chris Grannon Sound Mixer – Matt Miller / Lime Studios Colorist – Tyler Roth / Company 3 Additional Photography – Kevin Horn, Martin Fobes Camera Equipment provided by 2020 Camera Rentals / Tim Hanaseth 16MM Film Processing and Scanning – Fotokem Special Thanks – Saint Archer Brewing, Ryan Slavin / The Reserve Label, Suzy Ramirez / Final Cut LA, Mario Castro / Company 3, Robin Ricks / Ray Morfino / FotoKem RIPMT Copyright – Formika Films, Inc. 2019 Song 1 “Vesica Pisces” Andrew Bernstein Courtesy of Hausu Mountain Song 2 “Tree Smoke” Performed by Kikagaku Moyo Written by Go Kurosawa Courtesy of Kikagaku Moyo By Arrangement with Light in the Attic Records & Distribution, LLC Song 3 “Time” Performed by Angelo De Augustine Courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty Records By arrangement with Ghost Town, Inc.