Original title: FREIGANG Mid-length feature film (35 min.) Director: Martin Winter Screenplay: Sebastian Schmidl Producer: Victoria Herbig & Sebastian Schmidl D.O.P.: Aram Baroian Cast Anna Suk Christopher Legedza Birgit Linauer Patrick Schmidl Daniela Zacherl Plot summary: Single mother Kathi receives day release from prison and finds her three-year-old son, who is living with her unstable mother, in bad circumstances. She is forced to find a way to enable a better future for him, while time is against her, she has to be back in prison at six pm. Media: https://imdb.to/3sziKsu https://bit.ly/3sziLg2 https://bit.ly/3qq2wAf Contact: freigang.film@gmail.com Festival selections: 40th FILMFESTIVAL MAX OPHÜLS PREIS 22nd DIAGONALE FESTIVAL OF AUSTRIAN FILM 25th SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL 20th FIRST STEPS AWARDS 2019 14th ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL 27th EnergaCAMERIMAGE 33rd LEEDS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 25th CAMINHOS DO CINEMA PORTOGUÊS FILM FESTIVAL *WINNER Best International Essay 13th GRAND OFF – WORLD INDEPENDENT SHORT FILM AWARDS *WINNER Best Actress Award (Anna Suk) 17th FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL SIGNOS DA NOITE 10th AUSTRIAN FILM AWARDS 2020 *WINNER Best Short Film Award 23rd ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL *WINNER Special Mention – Best Short Film FICTION 6th MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 15th THE POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 17th VIS VIENNA SHORTS (Non-competitive section) 30th GERMAN CAMERA AWARDS 2020 26th PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL SHORTFEST 4th PITTSBURGH SHORTS 21st NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL 11th ONE COUNTRY ONE FILM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 31st BELFAST CINEMAGIC FILM AND TELEVISION FESTIVAL BIG SHORTS AWARDS 2020 *WINNER Best Actress & WINNER Best Screenplay 14th TiSFF, THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL SHORTS 26th BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 26th RABAT INTERNATIONAL AUTHOR FILM FESTIVAL *WINNER Best Actress & WINNER Best Screenplay 26th INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL GOLDEN BEGGAR *WINNER Best Short Film 15th MYRTLE BEACH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL *WINNER Best Foreign Film 8th VKRATZE! – INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL *WINNER Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress 67th MARTOVSKI FESTIVAL – BELGRADE DOCUMENTARY AND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL © 2019 BAROIAN | HERBIG | SCHMIDL | WINTER