On the edge of adolescence, a little brother visits his sister in the big city for the first time. 11:40 / colour / HD / 2017 On the edge of adolescence, Dexter visits the big city, and his sister, for the first time. The two navigate their relationship after having lived apart for the last few years. Together they explore the big city, trying to understand how to relate to one another again. ‘17 Eastern Oregon Film Festival ’18 Montclair Film Festival starring Dexter Thiessen, Dominique van Olm and Joseph Amenta directed, edited by Dominique van Olm produced by Darren Snowden cinematography by Julia Hendrickson 1st AD Sara May sound recorder Darren Snowden sound designer Evan Jerred original score by Dillon Baldessero additional sound recording by Adam Silcox-Vanwyk consulting editor Ian Sit colorist Laura Aqui colored at Urban Post special thanks Petra van Linschoten Darren Snowden Bryn Weibe Skinner Michael Grondin Alexander van Olm Katie Christensen Carina & John Jessie Urban Post Christine Mattiuzzi Grace Eakins © deviio films 2017 deviio.com