On est Ensemble. A portrait of Cherif Fall. “When I was small there were a lot of people that said I couldn’t surf. In my generation there were many who were much better than I. I was criticised a lot, along with a few other things that I didn’t really appreciate but it helped me a lot. Now I can say I’ve achieved nearly everything I wanted to achieve. There were moments which were really hard, to surf, to have a board. It was challenging. If you see that you can help a person, you have to help them – sincerely. Sometimes when I reflect on my life, I’m proud of myself as my parents are really happy. When I see that and my life now, from where I started at the beach in N’gor surfing with only broken boards it makes me happy. Today, people say bad things and good things .The bad things, I listen to them and I leave. I don’t care about that. I’m in my headspace of working and that’s it. Surfing isn’t a thing for white and blacks. It’s everywhere. For everyone. If you want to do it, then do it. Today that is what we believe in. I would love people to help the Senegalese surfers, as we have a lot of surfers who surf really well now. A lot of people say there are no black surfers but here there is us, me, the people you see here. We are all ready to show our Senegalese surfing” – Cherif Fall On est Ensemble. A Wasted Talent project, supported by Billabong. Directed by Guillem Cruells. Executive producer Alexei Obolensky. Still photography by Nil Puissant. Sound design and mix by Thom Pringle. Graphic direction and design by George Hatton. Shot in Dakar, Senegal.