On a secluded Island, a chair has fallen down. 在一個與世隔絕的小島上,有一把椅子緩緩倒下。 2560×1080, 6 mins, 2020 _____ Selection, Cartoon Brew, 2020 Selection, Short of the Week, 2020 Selection, Toronto Animation Image Society, 2020 Selection, Linoleum Festival, 2020 Silver Award, Independent Shorts Awards Best Animation, Eurasia International Film Festival, 2020 Award Winner, Indie Short Fest, 2020 _____ Written and Directed by Ivyy Chen Storyboard and Designed by Ivyy Chen  Animated by Chen Hao Chuang, Ivyy Chen, Yi Ju Tseng, Liang Hsin Huang Animation Assistance by David Rock
 Colouring byYi Ju Tseng
 Original Score by Sarah Playford Sound Design by Mei Yi Ting Chang Sponsored by Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation _____ more stories, check out: https://bit.ly/2Q9JA8E Hope you enjoy it x