My America is a 17-minute short documentary that raises the voices of a group that are often accounted for, but seldom listened to: youth. The film follows a small group of disenfranchised young people as they describe what their personal America looks like, and how they are trying to enact change in their own way. My heartfelt thanks to everyone that came together to make this film happen Рfor sharing and trusting us with your stories and hope for America’s future. To our team, for making a 6,600 mile trip in 10 short days, one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life Рyour talent, drive, selflessness and ability to sleep for 10 hours a day in a 15 seat pass van will never be forgotten. Director: Barnaby Roper Producer: Taylor Vandegrift UPM: Brandon Robinson DP: Isaac Bauman AC: Payam Yazdandoost Sound Mixer: Clint Allday Drone Pilot: Gabe de la Parra