Martha has stopped listening to her intuition and her life is suffering as a result. But when a strange encounter forces her to see things a little differently, Martha must embrace the seemingly irrational as she embarks on a surreal journey of discovery and learns to trust her gut instinct once again. Director: Hannah Jacobs Writer: Harriet Gillian Producer: Zoe Muslim Production Company: Strange Beast Executive Producer: Kitty Turley Lead Animator: Harriet Gillian Animation: Matt Lloyd, Sheetal Thankey, Matt Partridge, Hannah Lau Walker, Eloise Garlick, Maki Yoshikura, Nicky Francis Animation Assistants: Eloise Garlick, Lois De Silva, Natasha Pollock, Maria Morris, Saffron Arden-Sodje, Hannah O’Brien, Cecilia Corzo, Ivyy Chen Storybaord: Hannah Jacobs, Harriet Gillian, Kim Nguyen, Anna Ginsburg Compositor: Zach Ellams Music: Kerry Leatham Sound Design: Arzu Saglam Foley: Rebecca Glover