Lyn inherits his late grandfather’s mountain house and invites his best buds, Brad and David, for a weekend getaway. What begins as a chill reunion for the middle-aged stoner trio becomes a confrontation with the supernatural that leaves them no assurances besides their eternal friendship. – World Premiere SXSW ’19 – Overlook Film Festival ’19 – Fantasy Film Fest ’19 – Montana Film Festival ’19 – Film Maudit 2.0 ’19 – Twin Cities Horror Festival ’19 Cast: Lyn Mckimmey, Brad Goslee, David Young, Emery Chu Writer/Director: Ryan Dickie Producers: Ryan Dickie, Abigail Horton, Thomas Wohlford Cinematographer: Wyatt Garfield Production Designer: Lauren Adams 1st Assistant Camera: Nikita Carpenter Gaffer: Josh Jones Key Grip: Chris Cox Set Decorator: Ameera Al-Khaja Location Sound: Thomas Doolittle Special Effects Makeup: Izzi Galindo Make-Up: Emily Schubert Sound Designer: Colin Alexander Music: David Young and Brian McComber Editing and Visual Effects: Ryan Dickie