Lewis Rossignol is a South Portland-based visual artist. After many years working blue-collar jobs, at 37 years old he decided to go back to art school. Propelled by his distinctive style, Lewis has been able to sustain a career selling his original work as well as taking on high-profile commissions for artists like Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers and Tyler the Creator. Lewis is open about how creative endeavors like drawing are one of the only remedies he’s found for his condition, Tourette’s Syndrome. Directed by ROVE Producer: Jake Eisner Director of Photography: Gabe Bornstein Grip & Electric: Phil Cormier PA & BTS Photography: Tristan Anderson Sound Mixer: Jesse LaFountaine Edit: Jay Brown Music: Nick Sadler Color: Alexia Salingaros Sound Design & Mix: Red Vault Audio VFX: Jared Flynn & Cory Anderson Special Thanks: David Butler + Alex Morrow