‘Letter to a Cycad’ is a visual homage to the historic Palmhouse in Copenhagen, and a reflection on the evolution of plants and our human impact on the planet. Using a fictional voice of the late botanist Frederik Liebmann (1813-1856) who found and described the cycad species Dioon edule, the oldest specimen in the Palmhouse, the film explores life histories and the current biodiversity crisis. CREDITS PRODUCER Anders Drud ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Frederik Wolff MANUSCRIPT Rasmus Zwicki VOICE AND SOUND Rasmus Zwicki ART DIRECTION, STORY BOARD AND ANIMATION Dark Matters THANKS Jesper Riis Christiansen Ole Seberg Tonni Eilrtsen Hanne Espersen Henning Knudsen Nele Høgsbro Supported by IARU Virtual Museum Tours / UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN