LEARN MORE: https://bit.ly/3bYz38W . “This whole crisis shows that we need to feed ourselves as close to home as we can.” -Jason Jarvis, local RI fisherman . Like most things, Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the RI seafood industry. We wanted to explore this topic to raise awareness to the struggles and try to find some common sense solutions to the challenges (while being mindful of safety and social distancing). Our DP Tyler Murgo grew up seeing his family harvest seafood from wild places. As everything falls apart, it feels urgent to capture the wisdom and perspectives of local fishermen during this historical moment. Some close to home, with Tyler’s brother Kenny Murgo, and others who have been fighting for change in RI for years like Jason Jarvis. Huge thanks to them for trusting us to tell their story. . During production, on May 1st 2020, an emergency action passed, temporarily allowing fishermen in Rhode Island to sell finned fish directly off the boat to consumers. The hope is to make this emergency regulation permanent. Here are few steps to move further towards developing a local market for the wild food that lives in our backyards. . 1. Go to your local port and try new fish you haven’t tried before. 2. Support small local fish markets that buy from local fishermen. 3. Demand local seafood from the restaurants and markets you go to. 4. Share this video with fellow Rhode Islanders . Producers – Aaron Schurman, Dana Saint, Dan Riordan DP/Photos/Audio/VO – Tyler Murgo Additional footage – Jack Ieronimo, Rúni Djurhuus Edit / Color / Sound – Jack Ieronimo, Jordan Ingram, Jared Blizzard Thanks to Frederick Mattera and Aaron Williams for consultation, research support, and guidance