Language has the power to bring people and nations together by facilitating dialogue and strengthening human connection. Each language has its own way of describing the world, and in turn, affects how the world is seen through it. ‘More Than Words’ is an animated video series which celebrates words and phrases that don’t exist in the English language. Episode 1 describes the wonderful German phrase ‘Innerer Schweinehund’, which literally translates to ‘inner pig-dog’ – the inner voice that encourages you to be lazy. CREDITS: Concept, design, animation and sound design – Serafima Serafimova VO – Georg Csarmann Music – ’ The Model’ by Kraftwerk Special thanks to Patrick Mallett and Sara Abou Dan, for being my guinea pigs and allowing me to film them with a pile of duvets and backpacks which later transformed into a pig-dog. Also to Giulia Bavagnoli without whom the pig-dog would’ve looked VERY odd and creepy.