KIYOMI KOBAYASHI​​​​​​​ This is a concept short film in the second film of kiyomi kobayashi. It tells the story that in 1872, kiyomi kobayashi was refrigerated by the shogun.  300 years later in Tokyo,She was resurrected and transformed into an artificial man, which became the secret weapon of the shogun to monitor the assassination mission.In the end, she can’t escape the tragic fate either… ENJOY!! 這是小林清美第二部里的一個概念短片,講述的是在1872年,京都藝伎小林清美被幕府冷藏之後,于300年後的東京再度被復活,改造為人造人,成為了幕府的秘密武器,用於監控暗殺任務,但是最終也難逃悲慘的命運… Directed by: AXL Video: AXL Music: Keep Rolling(Paolo Nuiti) If you like it, please don’t forget to like, comment & share..thanks for your support!:) Instagram: tsitra_sh