Jimothy Lacoste doesn’t take himself too seriously. The 18-year-old artist makes subtle, sincere music that is both peculiar and enthralling. In Life is Getting Quite Exciting, he takes us through a very specific and meticulous routine centered around health and preparedness. He splashes his face seven times, rinses in a cold shower in the morning, drinks four pints of water a day, and fasts for 24 hours on Tuesdays. Director: Will Robson-Scott Producer: Gloria Bowman Executive Producer: Sarah Pearson Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney Director Of Photography: Deepa Keshvala Editor: Paco Sweetman 2nd AC: Jonny Lewis Sound Recordist: Calum Sample Gaffer: Esteban Gimplewicz Additional photography: Will Robson-Scott, Ollie Grove, Jonah West Grade: Jack McGinty @ Time Based Arts Sound Design: Pete Duffy Fader Creative Director, Video: Scott Perry Fader Executive Producer: Rob Semmer Fader Senior Video Producer: Frances Capell Fader Senior Video Production Manager: Madison LaClair Runner / Driver: Emily Morus-Jones Title Design: Halima Olalemi Special thanks: Jack Murray Production Company: Somesuch & The FADER