It gets moving. The air begins to be populated. Dense, possessed. An alarm clock in the morning. The routine and the people staring at it. The cities have a peculiarity, they make us invisible. Light enters through all the windows. In all those tables, the toasts jumping in the air becomes irretrievably anonymous. Even denser. Even more routinely. There’s no sense of screaming. Disappearance is imminent. It falls, over the night. NEVADA. The short film is inspired by the Argentine classic of science fiction “El Eternauta” by Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López, a graphic novel published in 1957. Nevada is a digital collage created under the premise that all its elements are free-to-use 3D models and animations. A compositional path that, depending on the narration, combines these pieces, achieving coherence and unity within their visual universe. Director: Guillermo Daldovo Edited by: Agustin Svarzchtein Sound designer: Nicolas Cecinini Music: Vivaldi Guitar Trio Technique: 3D digital collage