It feels as if the world has been turned upside down. The sun doesn’t shine anymore, it just goes through the motions like a goddamn traffic light. And every day is the same day but with a different name tag and “tomorrow” might as well be next week or next month or next year. Elijah McClain played his violin for stray cats because he wanted to comfort them. I can’t help but wonder if those cats are gonna miss him. Or if they’ll ask themselves why he doesn’t come around anymore, or if they’ll feel lonely without him. I wish I had a chance to hear his music. The world is a wretched and miserable piss pot and it feels as if we’re barely dipping our toes into just how much pain and suffering there truly is out there. And it’s just getting so damn hard to feel hopeful about anything anymore. But I want to. I really do. I see the people in the street and the people doing their best to just do their best and they all give me this cautious feeling that maybe things can get better. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or next month. But someday, I hope. Please Support: Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles: COVID-19 Crisis Fund Picture: Horatio Baltz Sound: Lord Youth