Islandia is a non-narrative two minutes short drone film about primal beauty of Iceland. Islandia – is a Latin name for Iceland and relative to the old language since this film portraits primordial and rough nature of Iceland. For the short duration of the film, you will be transported to a place that easily could be a million years ago. From unbelievable landscapes and vast valleys to painting-like terrain and majestic waterfalls and lakes – this film shows the unparalleled beauty of Iceland and its unearthly glory. Please sit back and enjoy the flight. Technical info: – All footage shot on DJI Mavic 2 Pro. – Several ND filters from Polar Pro were used for filming. – I used Davinci Resolve 16 for editing, VFX, SFX, and grading. – Adobe Audition was used to mix soundscore. – Adobe After Effects were used for titles and minor fixes – Original music score by Luke Atencio and Ryan Taubert was licensed at Musicbed. – SFX are free samples by various creators and Singularity six by Film Crux.