“ISANG MILYON” means one million in Filipino. I clearly dont’ know how many fishes I saw but maybe more than a million ! Some shots I took during incredible dives last year. It was the first time I saw a sardine run. This is how I tried to transpose what I felt in this edit. The dynamic song really helped me to edit this insanity. I chose the black and white grading to accentuate the graphic side and the movements of the shoal. Again my friend Air Goat composed this great custom song. Follow him on his social media : https://bit.ly/3c8VglE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlaKYPZ2UmicAszxh3wWfQ This movie was made possible with the help of Pronto Prod, Frank Sanson and Philippe Macgaw. Filmed during the shooting of a documentary for Pronto Prod about SAVE PHILIPPINE SEAS. They are doing a wonderful job, support them on https://bit.ly/3b52ipZ All my diving equipment is provided by EPIR L’Île Rousse / Sébastien Jung, the best diving center of Corsica https://bit.ly/3fmKZUQ You can see some underwater pictures on my instagram https://bit.ly/2W60pVM