Inspired by true stories, Shed Some Light is an intimate exploration of vitiligo, a skin condition that is largely misunderstood and often leads to prejudice and the exploitation of those it touches. Drawing upon Lee Thomas’ powerful TED Talk about his experience with the disease, the film portrays the courageous journey to self-acceptance and boldness through one’s own internal light.  Hear the stories that inspired the film: Para legendas em Português, clique em CC — Filmsupply exists to empower creative professionals by providing high quality, cinematic stock footage. Filmsupply Films exists to empower the film. Each film has been hand-picked by our curatorial team, selected to inspire, challenge, and empower us to not only be better creatives, but better humans. Learn more about Filmsupply Films: License footage from film: License high-quality, cinematic footage for your next project: — Director: I.M Narrator: Lee Thomas Director of Photography: Ulisses Malta Jr Executive Producer: Filmsupply Production Designer: Nina Simão Production Coordinator: Raphael Reitano Casting: Luisa Alcantara e Silva Editor: Henrique Smith Assistant Editor: Bernardo Bastos Colorist: Braion Marçal Visual Effects: Hub VFX Sound Mixing: Samuel Malbon Soundtrack: Cubby Special Thanks: Zahra Staub, Uma Questão de Pele Talent: Natalia Deodato, Melk Costa Cauchy, Larissa Lima, Carlos Henrique Aleixo, Milena Satyro