Inside the halls of a dystopian textile factory two young workers shortly escape their harsh reality into the fantasies of a fairytale. Director’s Note: With STAINED SKIN we create a fictional space that attempts to approach the subject of fast fashion in a metaphorical way. The world depicted is a self-contained microcosm that blurs the lines between fictional real-life and the fairy tale narrative. We focus on the symbiotic relationship of Alba and Samy, which for us embodies the resilience of women to their environment and their alliance with each other. Directed by Adam Graf & Mandy Peterat Produced by Milena Schäpers & Barbara Flügel Written by Mirjam Khera Animation by Andrei Ebîncă Cinematography by Adam Graf Production Design by Mandy Peterat Edited by Benedikt Strick Sound Design And Re-Recording Mix by Clemens Ruh Original Music by Bertolt Pohl Costume Design by Maya Winter Hair & Make-Up by Maria Ratzeburg