In the summer of 2019 I visited Hong Kong for the second time. One night, in the lively night market in West Kowloon, I saw a white man with pink hair leaving a taxi. He was wearing green jumpsuit and it felt like he did not fit in with the crowd. He quickly vanished as he disappeared into one of the old high-rise buildings. This is the story of what happened inside that building  Director and Visual Artist: Le Yi(Axl Le) Music and SFX: Box of Toys Audio  Special thanks: My wife Ingvild and my friend Zaoeyo for their help! 2019年夏天,我人生第二次来到了香港,某日晚上,在西九龙热闹的夜市中,我看到了一个粉色头发的白人男人走下的士,他穿着绿色的连体工装,和周围的人格格不入,转眼他就进入了破旧的大楼。这个画面深深的吸引了我,于是我开始构思和幻象楼中发生的故事… 导演和视觉艺术家:乐毅 感谢英国公司:Box of toys Audio的配乐和声效制作 特别感谢:我太太小白 和我好友Zaoeyo的帮助! 部分建築模型:Kitbash3D  neon燈牌模型:蔡弘翊