In many parts of the world, children are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, threatening both their short and long-term health. But the Swedish non-profit organization Generation Pep wants to change that – by creating a unique choreographed dance featuring 10.000 steps, to the iconic track D.A.N.C.E by Justice. Starring the 9-year-old dancing prodigy Lilyana Ilunga. “Dance 10.000” is a global campaign created to inspire children and young people to move, while at the same time highlighting the problems and consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. With a unique music video featuring a choreographed dance with the 10.000 steps often referred to as the daily recommendation for physical activity. According to the World Health Organisation, WHO, childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century, affecting every country in the world. In just 40 years, the number of school-age children and adolescents with obesity has risen more than 10-fold, from 11 million to 124 million (2016 estimates). Besides, an estimated 216 million were classified as overweight but not obese in 2016. The condition also affects younger children, with over 38 million children aged under 5 living with overweight or obesity in 2017. Dancer – Lilyana Ilunga Janitor – Gaspard Auge Music – Justice D.A.N.C.E Agency – Forsman & Bodenfors Creatives – Adam Ulvegärde, Clara Uddman, Marcus Hägglöf Agency producer – Magnus Kennhed Director – Filip Nilsson Producer – Sergej israel DoP – Mattias Rudh Executive producer- Kalle Wettre Set Design – Koja – Ulrika Axén & Tobias Eiving Stylist – Denise Östholm Hair & Make up – Jenny Fred Choreographer – Sabrina Lonis Manager – Steven Clerima Editor – Andreas Arvidsson (WGTAM) VFX – Swiss Grade – Tom Poole, CO3 Sound design – Plop – Fredrik Sundberg Developing 35mm – Focus Film Production Manager – Jon Hertov Coordinator – Alina Grön Prod ass. – Caroline Lindsten Prod ass. – Johanna Suxen Location Manager – Jesper Sundman First AD – Jimmy Francis Steadi cam – Johan Philips 1st AC – Simon Bengtsson 2nd AC – Jesper Lundqvist VTR – Filip Thunberg Gaffer – Kristian Bergström Gaffer – Olle Mollander Spark – Leonard Gaszynski Spark – Joel Sundqvist Spark – Anders Dahl Grip – Elias Branner Grip – Aurelio van der Smut Grip – Sebastian Karlsson Grip ass. Hugo Witting Props Master – Max Isaksson Props Assistant. – Alice Andersson