IN LIMBO is a visual, abstract exploration of New York City as a relict, void of people. Skyscrapers, iconic streets and bridges left sitting – just like old tug boats, dumped in Staten Island, visually representing the uncertainty and panic during a pandemic. _____________________________________ BTS Blog Post: _____________________________________ A film by Tim Sessler Music and Sound Recordings by Bethan Kellough – Drone Pilot: Adam Koontz Drone and Camera Car: Brooklyn Aerials, shot with Movi Carbon and ALTA 8 Camera Car Driver: Sam Hicks 1st AC Camera Car: Filipp Penson Helicopter: Gotham Films, shot with Shotover F1 Shotover Tech: Mike Isler Helicopter Tech: Jose Montanez Helicopter Pilot: Steve Masi Digital Paint Supervisor: Manikandan Sathyabalan Digital Artists : Anshu Kumari, Sonia Mishra, Mishra Harsh S, Gulshan Kr Pathak Special thanks to J.P Damboragian, Michael Marantz, Paul Trillo, Tabb Firchau, Freefly Systems, Gotham Films and Autumn K Brookmire for all the support!!