If the cameras freeze, they will stop working. It’s been a while since I released a film, or at least one I created purely for the sake of creating. Life can be often too distracting. Nothing brings you back to the present more so than some ice cold water and a little frost bite. The goal of this short piece was to explain the simplicity of a breath hold and the deeper thoughts in the mind when pushing your body to such limits. I just wanted to first off thank Geoff Combs and Andrew Ryzebol our fearless Canadian Ice guides.Thank you for dealing with us and keeping everyone safe under the ice. -http://bit.ly/31FrsXz Written & Directed – Perrin James Freediver’s – Ashley Baird + Andrew Ryzebol + Kim Kerts + Nick Fuists + Drew Herrick Music – Dark Tree – Carlos Cipa Trespasser – Ark Patrol And the world was gone – Snow Ghosts UW Cinematography – Perrin James UW camera OP – Geoff Combs Safety divers – Kerry Hollowell + Drew Herrick 1st AC – Anthony Rayburn Equipment – Last breath film Shot on Red Gemini with Nauticam Lastbreathfilm.com